Lead Test Engineer
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You are primarily a software engineer that happens to have specialised in testing. You acknowledge the limited time and place for manual testing but you prefer to augment your skills through code.

You are very attentive to detail. You spot mistakes that most miss, even trivial ones. You like to break things and instinctively think of the many unhappy paths.

You don't frequently do manual testing but when you do you don't come out empty-handed.You are methodical and disciplined but know how to optimise your efforts.

You are empathetic with others and their circumstance. You enjoy saying "well done".Given any incident, you instinctively know where and how we should test for its regression.

You understand how faulty processes lead to testing deficiencies, and know how to fix them.You contribute to architectural discussions with insights that improve systems' testability and robustness.

You are opinionated and are founded on facts and experience.While you welcome the technical freedom of greenfield developments you also enjoy the intricacies inherent in evolving existing software.

You are biased to action : you prefer to deliver the good instead of arguing what perfection is.You think critically and are happy to be proven wrong.

You're methodical in your hypothesis generation and testing loop.You will make mistakes. We'll pick you up. You will learn from them. You'll laugh a lot.


  • Build, grow and have an oversight over the whole testing chapter.
  • Have a broad understanding of the whole architecture and its different services and ensure all testing needs are identified and planned for.
  • Contribute to an effective and lightweight delivery process that considers quality at all relevant moments. Own the test tooling.
  • Evaluate them for cost, benefit and applicability. Guard the fine line between excessive tool sprawl and their desired coverage.

    Ensure we make good use of them.

  • Own the integration tests between services and their place in the Continuous Delivery DAG. Maintain the delivery pipeline in good health and continuously improve it.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the testing function and bring about improvements to it.
  • Write readable and robust test code.
  • Review code constructively, focussing on the development of the skills of your peers. Be a beacon of testing expertise for the whole practice.
  • Champion code parsimony, quality and effectiveness. Foster quality focussed development practices such as TDD.

  • Mentor more junior colleagues and participate in recruitment activities. Contribute to technical discussions with a rational and productive attitude.
  • Be a major contributor and owner of the Tech Radar.

  • Keep abreast of industry and technological developments and their relevance to the company. Facilitate the team's continuous improvement.
  • Requirements

  • You have at least 10 years of experience in software engineering and a BSc in Engineering or Computer Science or higher degree.
  • You fully understand testing at all levels (and have working knowledge of some associated tools) : Cloud Infrastructure (Goss, Serverspec, RSpec);
  • Unit and property (ScalaTest, ScalaCheck); Acceptance (Cucumber, Gherkin); Capacity and Load (Gatling, JMeter); Security : (metasploit, kali);
  • Web and Mobilie UI : (Selenium, Cypress, Calabash, Appium).You're comfortable with a few programming languages, and both object-

    oriented and functional programming paradigms. Familiarity with Scala is desirable.

  • You are familiar with the precepts of Domain Driven Design, especially where they concern testing. You understand microservices and event-
  • sourced application architectures, different API styles and integration patterns.

  • You are completely familiar with software engineering for cloud based distributed service architectures, preferably on AWS.
  • You have experience with Continuous Delivery, preferably with Concourse.

  • You understand the need and are familiar with the requirements for post-production visibility of deployments, their metrics and alerting and associated tooling, including web and mobile telemetry.
  • Have a solid understanding of agile methodologies and their principles.
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